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Raising Both the Hands and Making Dua’

Posted by al Adaab on December 24, 2006


We have received several e-mails with requests for evidence as the the status of  collective dua’ after salaah and the raising of both hands while doing so. It seems that worshippers are being accosted in the Masjid for doing so.

Ignorance is dispelled by knowledge provided the seeker is sincere.

Excerpt from:

by GF Haddad

Raising Both the Hands and Making Dua

It is narrated that Abdullah Ibn Zubair (radhiallahu anhu) saw a man raising his hands and making dua before completing his salah. When the person had completed his salaah, Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Zubair (radhiallahu anhu) went up to him and said: “Verily, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) used to only raise his hands and make dua after completing his salaah” (the narrators of this Hadith are all trustworthy Majmauz Zawaaid, vol. 1, pg. 169). It is also mentioned in the Fataawa of Ahle Hadith (vol.1, pg.190) as well as in Fataawa Nazeeriyyaa (vol. 1, pg. 566) that in the light of the Sharia, the dua after salaah is an authentically established practice and it is mustahab to do so.

This and the following report suggests that Ibn `Umar, like his father, – Allah be well-pleased with both of them – supplicated together with others: From Wahb: “I saw Ibn `Umar and Ibn al-Zubayr supplicating [i.e. together] and rubbing their hands against their faces.”

Narrated by al-Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad (2:68) with a sound chain according to Shaykh `Abd al-Fattah Abu Ghudda in his Thalath Rasa’il (p. 93). This event may have taken place at the highly dramatic time following the death of al-Husayn ibn `Ali – upon them peace – at the hands of Yazid ibn Mu`awiya, after which Ibn `Umar told `Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr – Allah be well-pleased with them: “Al-Husayn has beaten us” i.e. with martyrdom, and they wept.

Ibn `Abd al-Razzaq narrated with his chain in his Musannaf (2:252-253) from Yahya ibn Sa`id al-Ansari the qadi of al-Madina that “Ibn `Umar used to supplicate together with al-Qass” (kâna yabsutu yadayhi ma`a al-Qass) and that “they [i.e. the senior Successors]mentioned that those that came before them [i.e. the Companions] would supplicate and then place back their hands on their faces so as to place back the du`â’ and its baraka. Al-Qass is the Tâbi`î `Ubayd ibn `Umayr ibn Qatada al-Laythi al-Makki the admonisher and Qur’anic commentator.

Shaykh Abu Ghudda said (p. 94): “This is frank evidence to the effect that wiping the face
with the two hands after raising them in supplication was practiced in the first generations.”

From Abu al-Darda’ – Allah be well-pleased with him -: “Raise up these hands of yours in supplication before they become manacled with the chains [of Hellfire].”Narrated from al-Faryabi’s al-Dhikr by al-Zarkashi in his al-Azhiya (p. 74). III.


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  1. Abu Yaqub said

    Masha’Allah a great post, jazakallah!

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